The Brewery

Everything changes in our times, including the demands of the public, in particular, those of the gastronomic customer. Today, the client is looking for something more than to simply eat or drink in a pleasant atmosphere; he wants to enjoy himself too and is looking for a type of combined offer that can satisfy both elements. For this, new types of establishments are being developed in the whole world, with surprising results. It’s all about what has come to be called the “gastronomy – event”, a type of business with a profitable and limitless future.

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Our “brewery – restaurant” is to be found within this innovative line, a gastronomic establishment that offers its clients the attractive possibility of contemplating a mini-brewery at the bar or next to their very table. Here they can experience the elaboration process of the finest beers step by step, and taste the beer ‘in situ’, accompanied with the pleasure of tasting an exquisite beer that has been made almost exclusively for their palate, by expert hands and with the highest hygiene and quality guarantees. The exclusiveness of tasting a unique beer that cannot be drunk in any other part of the city! Pure beer, without any kind of additives, artificial colours, preservatives or clarifying agents to distort its flavour!

The authentic NATURAL beer, incomparable to others in the market, in all its varieties: lager beer, real ale, highly fermented beer, etc.

The “brewery – restaurant” provokes a sensational impact in the gastronomic market (confirmed by figures from other countries where this project has been developed), that considerably increase the business sales and growth. Recent market research in the Federal Republic of Germany shows that in this type of establishment, up to thirty times more beer is consumed than in traditional restaurants, the large profitability and minimal production costs being another of their most outstanding characteristics.

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Another factor for consideration is the regression that other drinks markets are suffering, as is the case in the wine market, in favour of other products that may be considered as substitutes. This the case for beer and other drinks such as liquors, etc.

This increase in the size of the beer market makes it possible for new firms that supply new products to enter the market, and compete in market niches that in some way are not covered by the large beer breweries. Another consequence associated with this progressive market growth makes the market volume that these niches represent seem even more attractive to the introduction of new businesses.