Weissbier White wheat beer (Weizen / Weissbier)
Wheat malt, barley malt, hops Hallertau. Selected yeast.
It is recommended to serve in elongated vessel at first inclined not to do a lot of foam. You end up moving the bottom to remove all leaven and form the final foam.
Wheat beer that stands out, like his style, refreshing acidity and notes reminiscent of fruit and spices. Color honey cloudy, with a white foam and generous, compact and endures over time.
An acidic and refreshing beer, with aromas of malt, but memories of spices and hops. It is known for being fruity, with special evocation of tropical fruits such as bananas. Well, not very alcoholic carbonated with a medium body and a not very long, fresh and slightly astringent aftertaste, which invites immediately to take another drink.
12,6º Plate
5.3% Vol.
10 EBC
EBU 9.5
6-8 ° C.