Maeloc, Cider from Galicia in Naturbier

productos.sidras.f.maeloc.secaIn Naturbier we have now classic cider, Maeloc Seca.
A different way to enjoy cider, brewed according to the original process of the ancient Celts ciders.
Tasting notes Maeloc dry

Color: Orange ocher, bright, with salmon hues.
Aroma: balanced tannic notes of his peculiar variety
Taste: frank and slightly bitter

Alc. 4.5% Vol.

botellinesAnd if you prefer a sweet cider, you can take refreshing ciders Maeloc, made with Galician traditional methods and homegrown apples. Ciders are served in individual bottles and you can find 3 different flavors: strawberry, blackberry and pear cider and contain concentrated fruit juice. Important: do not contain gluten.

Alcohol content: 4% vol.
effective content: 20cl / 200ml