Naturbier-salA family restaurant in Madrid downtown which is still cooking its traditional recipes to serve their customers the very best of Castilian cuisine, accompanied by our craft beer manufactured by ourselves in Santa Ana square.

Naturbier is known by its first quality products, its bustling atmosphere and its star beer, that so many people liked, produced by ourselves.

We have completely refashioned our local to give you the chance of visiting Naturbier in a nicer way. Our terrace in Santa Ana square shows the sights of the city at first hand makes more pleasant your visit to Madrid. We do recommend you to visit our restaurant whenever you come to Madrid.

Naturbier-comedTHE CHEF

Our chef Mr Carlos Enrique Alvarado de Peru has meant a 180 degrees turn in terms of quality and improvement, achieving what every owner wants for its local: not only that all his/her customers leave it fully satisfied, but also that they are eager to return.

Find more about Naturbier beer in our store at Santa Ana square, 9 or by the following questionnaire.