Our history as a brewery

As our regular customers know, Naturbier is located in a privileged place in the heart of Madrid, a corner with great and significative history, as is the Plaza de Santa Ana.

ambiente cerveceroIn a building from the eighteenth century, which has been preserved with its original structure, Naturbier was founded in 1986. There even a small brewery was established, which eventually had to be closed due to modern legal requirements. However all elements of brewing are preseved and are now part of our decoration.

There are still many clients who come to visit the old factory that once had great popularity in Madrid.

Natural Cellar Bear

However, Naturbier stays true to its brewing philosophy, serving the best  cellar beer that is manufactured today in Spain, Estrella Galicia beer that reaches the glass with the freshness and taste of a freshly brewed beer.

Two big counters


Nowadays Naturbier is entry is divided in two big counters, with two counters, where you can try our Natural beer Estrella Galicia, as well as excelent Spanish wines and a selection of bottled beers.

All our beers and beverages are served with a traditional cold tapa, as is usual in Madrid.

If you want to try some tapas or portions of iberic products ask your waiter for the Menú.





Visit our terrace

You are sitted in a nice terrace, looking at your left the ancient Teatro Español, on the other side the old Hotel Reina Victoria, where famous matadores used to stay when visited Madrid. Around you a wonderfull blue sky, a sunny ambience of a beautiful city. Yes, you are in Naturbier’s terrace in Plaza de Santa Ana, drinking the perfect beer. Our terrace is open every day untli 00.00, winter and summer.


terraza de Naturbier

terraza de Naturbier