MAredsous-Brune Abbey Ale toast (Belgian Dubbel)
Pale barley malt, caramel malt, color. hops
Saaz Saaz and Styrian Golding. Selected yeast.
Second fermentation in the bottle and 3 months of maturation. I do not know
Best served yeast.

Belgian ale with toasted aromas, notes of coffee and dark chocolate.
A dark beer, burgundy and reddish-brown foam
creamy and dense, fine and high persistence.
A bitter beer, noted for its toasty aroma, with hints
coffee, black licorice and chocolate. It is easily recognizable by
its intense aroma of caramel, which is complemented by notes
woody and hopped master and to give this
Beer and feature a complex personality. Despite its
high, it is not perceived excessively alcoholic, but has
a high body and leaves a pleasant feeling of warmth in mouth
after passing.

16,9º Plate
8% Vol.
65 EBC
29 EBU
6-10 ° C