La-Chouffe Blonde Ale Ardennes (Belgium Speciality Ale)
Pale barley malt, hops Saaz Saaz and Styrian Golding. Flavoured
with cilantro. Selected yeast.
Second fermentation in bottles Best served yeast.
A fruity beer with spicy notes of coriander and a light
touch hopping.
Cloudy golden color, with a creamy foam, very white and
fine bubbles.
A bitter acid while beer with spicy and
floral, but which clearly secondary aromas are perceived
fruity and reminiscent of banana and citrus fruits. The presence of
Yeast is remarkable, and by the high alcohol content
They help provide a large body of this particular Belgian Ale.
16,2º Plate
8% Vol.
13 EBC
19 EBU
4-10 ° C