estrellag1906 Extra Lager – Bock

Two runs malts (pils and toasted), corn and hops Hallertau Perle.
Selected yeast.

Characterized by its strong flavor of roasted malt.
With a white, rich and creamy foam, amber body
dark, clean and transparent.
A beer of intense bitterness, but balanced and medium bodied.
It is characterized by the presence of aromas reminiscent of the
toasted malts with hints of caramel and roasted coffee. hops
below, providing subtle floral notes
herbal. Despite being an extra lager, is not perceived very alcoholic,
leaving a pleasant heat and light in the mouth as a reminder of
each drink.

15º Plato
6.5% Vol.
15.5 EBC
21 EBU
5-6 ° C