Miller Premium Lager – Pale Pilsen (American Premium Lager)
Maltas two and six runs, crystal-caramel malt, corn, hops
American and modified hops (Proprietary Light Stable Choice Debittered
Hops “LSCDH” – allows transparent bottle packaging.
Selected yeast of German origin.
As a distinguishing feature, note that do a
filtration rate in quadruplicate and conducted cold, which
prevents the pasteurization process.
Lager with subtle malty, slightly floral flavors.
Golden color and high transparency. Very white foam and persistence
Acidic and refreshing, well carbonated beer and a body
light, inviting to drink without rest. Slightly sweet and sour,
slightly alcoholic, with notes of grain and malt. Not very hoppy,
but with sweet scents, subtly floral.
4.7% Vol.
6.4 EBC