Naturbier Cave is a unique place in Madrid, with special location (Plaza de Santa, in the heart of Madrid) and very different ambiance

Cueva Naturbier, Naturbier cave

Cueva Naturbier, Naturbier cave

Discover Naturbier cave:

Ogival vaults belonging to ancient churches.
Brick mazes of corridors smelling of old.
Stones come to life remote years.
Cloth fabric stores and installed over 4 centuries.
Cuevas supporting the weight of the Plaza de Santa Ana, its history, its present and its future.

A unique and fun place in which you can celebrate birthdays, make presentations, hold surprise parties, bachelor parties …

Karaoke in Naturbier

Recently we have instaled a karaoke system. It will be available on thursday evening for dinners or when the cave is reserved for groups.

In our cave you can enjoy the intimacy you need to celebrate in a reserve place. 

Naturbier cave

Naturbier cave

You can book your space at La Cueva calling 913 600 597

The cave also has a giant television to watch sports or social events in high resolution. An original way to enjoy your team with a natural beer that will surprise you.

Find out more about our local beer Naturbier Plaza Santa Ana 9 or through the following form.