Our store has two floors of 250 meters each, two central bars, a large dining room on the top and a beer vaulted brick cave in the cellars where you can enjoy intimate and pleasant celebrations, live music, promotions, presentations, etc.


Naturbier is a family and friendly restaurant where thanks to our chef Carmen Marín, from Chiclana de la Frontera (Cádiz), we offer a wide range of traditional dishes, as well as German typical recipes to taste with our natural beer.

The Naturbier restaurant is known for its first quality products, attentive service and the funny atmosphere you can breathe on entering it.

As a fun fact, to add that we are one of the few restaurants in Madrid that features a round table for 12 people and a private room to enjoy your outings in a more intimate and gathered way.


Jose Bonaparte was who in 1810 insisted on beautifying this truly authentic square.

In times of Isabel II the square was named after his future son Alfonso XII… but years later it collected its current name.

It seems that Mariano de Cavia (a known Spanish journalist died in 1920) called it Beer Square, understandable name given the numerous beer stores placed in it.

It also has its interesting cultural point, a statue of the well-known poet Federico García Lorca´s presides over the square and, just in front of it you can find the neoclassical Spanish Theater. And speaking of geniuses, at the end of the square you can enjoy the statue of Calderón de la Barca and right behind it the art deco style Victoria Hotel.

It is a place with a lot of day and night amusement in their terraces, breweries and bars. There will always be people with whom you will, at least, talk, exchange ideas and have some good fun.

The Naturbier brewery has been producing its own craft beer since 1986.

Lancet vaults belonging to ancient churches, Mazes of bricks corridors scented old, Stones that come alive from ancient times, Cloth and rag warehouses settled in 4 or 5 centuries ago, in short, caves supporting the weight of Santa Ana square…

This is our BREWERY CELLAR, a very fun space where celebrating your birthday, making presentations or just meeting with some friends. Beer still remains as the star of the cave and it features a fun and quirky system when serving: you “pull” yourself the type and amount of beer you like through the taps placed on each table … thus, helped by a screen, we can know both the liters and euros consumed.

The cave has also got a giant TV set for watching sports or social events.

Discover more about the Naturbier beer in our store at Santa Ana square 9 or via the form below.