duvel  Belgian Blonde Ale (Golden Strong Ale)
White barley malt, hops Saaz Saaz and Styrian Golding. Selected yeast Scottish origin.

After bottling, the beer refermented for 10 days at 24 ° C. Then spend a rest period of 6 weeks to 5 ° C.

It is not recommended serving yeast.

A hoppy beer, slightly fruity, dry aftertaste with a pronounced bitter taste.
Light golden color, cloudy, with a creamy, white, fine-bubble foam.
A bitter beer with spicy and toasted, but whose flavor profile aromas of hops, which provide fruity and citrus notes, floral addition. The presence of yeast is noticeable from the first drink, which together with the alcoholic feeling, help to give the beer a remarkable body. Its passage leaves a pleasant aftertaste and a subtle dry and spicy aftertaste.

16,9º Plate
8.5% Vol.
33 EBU
4-6 ° C