¿Do you like the cuisine? You want to claim to be a beer conosieur? In Naturbier we recommend combining both  hobbies inventing new pairings with your favorite dishes and beer.
If you dare to experiment with textures, and look for new combinations of complementary flavors, in Naturbier we want to offer you some ideas for innovative pairings to surprise your friends.

1. Trust your palete

The pairings with beer are not sophisticated and difficult experiences. On the contrary, beer helps keeping your palete fresh and relaxed, thanks to carbon and containing acid. For example, with seafood, thanks to acidity and carbonate of beer, you’ll enjoy them more and find more flavors. We recommend a beer with citrus notes as our Duvel.

2. Experience without embarrashment

We also invite you to experiment with complementary flavors, such as desserts made with dark chocolate complemented by toast and thick as our beers Maredsous brune

3. Take care of the type of beer you choose each time

Although the world of beer is changing, keep informed, so you can choose the best beer according to factors that affect good tasting. It is very easy,the most of toast beers such as stouts combine better with winter dishes, richer. Besides these beers have more alcohol and are best options for meat dishes and more elaborate fish.
Light beers generally have less alcohol and are more suitable to combine with salads and summer dishes, such as spanish gazpacho

4. There is no reason not to change beer

If you have organized an event server to be different types of dishes, ingredients and even different cuisine from around the world, why keep the same kind of beers with everyone? Surprise your guests by offering several events in your selected combienen beers with each course and takes note of the impressions that cause different combinations.

5. Beer and Cheese

One of the most popular combinations is the beer with cheese. Fortunately, in Spain you can find a great variety of cheeses of first quality. One option is  pairing softer cheeses with stronger beers vice versa. A good cured Manchego cheese can be perfectly combined with a blonde fruit flavor that contrasts with the taste and texture of the cheese.
But you can also serve hoppy and bitter beers with creamy goat cheese, as our 1906 Black Blend

6. Spicy dishes and Asian cuisine

If pairing is Peruvian, Mexican dishes or spicy food, you can play a lot with the variety of flavors and aromatic notes of beer. Typically with this type of cuisine, the more beer is drunk, why should we choose slightly alcoholic light beer, with certain acid tones maticen. We recommend you try our Miller.
The curries, spicy dishes or flavors of Asian cuisine is the perfect complement to the beer, the aforementioned Miller or a gamble with our La Chouffe, which will enrich the experience for their notes cilantro. Although this is a more alcoholic beer.