Cerveza-de-Bodega Special Lager
Two runs malts (pils and toasted), corn, and Perle hops Nugget
Hallertau. Selected yeast.
The beer cellar can be defined as a fresh, full-bodied and character that you can see the properties of beer freshly made and maintained at all times the levels of carbon Beers Estrella Galicia. The freshness of this beer is mainly due to the absence of pasteurization, which is one of its main features and the difference unequivocally bottled beer, canned, or barrel.
Its conservation is achieved by arriving directly from the cellars of the factory vessel Estrella Galicia to the consumer. On the road it is conducted through a network of refrigerated tanks, so that at all times the cold chain is conserved. Both tanks and tanks breweries, beer is contained in a sterile single-use bag, which keeps the conditions of constant temperature and pressure.
Service for beer, the bag will be pressed air from a compressor, so that the thrust of the product is carried out without beer contact any gas. This ensures that the levels of carbon marked by winemaker Estrella Galicia remain unchanged, resulting in a more digestible beer and produces less filling.
13º Plato
5.5% Vol.
23 EBU
4-5 °