1906_Red-VintageExtra lager – Bock (Doppelbock)
Two runs malts (pils and toasted), corn and hops Nugget.
Selected yeast.
Bright appearance, color gold and accented body. Intense aromas of roasted malt and hops.
Old, clean and transparent gold. With plenty of white and creamy, compact and fine bubble foam.
An intense and balanced beer, medium bodied, characterized by the aroma of roasted malt and prolonged bitterness.
Subtle hints of caramel and coffee give way to floral aromas reminiscent of hops, an ingredient that will give it a bitterness that accompanied the singles and in every drink, balancing its high alcohol content and its pleasant spicy aftertaste.
17º Plato
8% Vol.
19 EBC
24 EBU
5-6 ° C